Monday, May 14, 2007

The Mother's day that came and passed

I received all types of text messages yesterday for mother's day. They were telling me to greet my mother. My reply was "Patay na nga nanay ko eh."

Not to be rude or anything but come on my mother is dead, I do not want people reminding me that the second Sunday of May is the day for someone I have lost a long time ago. I'm sorry if I had to react that way, if people were on my shoes what would they do?

You see, I have not always been a person who remembered occasions like father's day, mother's day or any day for that matter. Its not that I am insensitive but its not just me to make a big deal about days that the world has declared to be the day of someone special in our lives. Of course, I do love the special people in my life, but I simply do not get the point of making a day special, I would like to think that because they are special, everyday should be their day.

Case #1

As I was walking in Public market yesterday with a friend, we were discussion about the so many things she wants to do for her mother. I respect the fact that she does want her mother to feel special, but then I told her, if I was a mother, it won't matter if I do not receive anything for mother's day as long as I have children I can be proud of.

Case #2

I was chatting the other day with yet another friend. She told me: "Ay manghihingi pala ako ng pero kay mommy para may pambili ako ng gift para sa kanya." I thought she was being cruel.

Please do not get me wrong people. I am not against people trying to make the effort to make someone feel special. I really do think that once in a while we have to tell people how much we appreciate them. I guess that is basically the reason why our culture has introduced the concept of mother's day (and all other's days). But then the thing is that for most of us it has become merely a day to make someone feel special rather than be reminded that we have someone special in our life. I suggest that these days should not be excuses to give out flowers to people that we care about but rather, these days should be our reminder that we have special people in our lives.

For a mother who has sacrificed so much for her children, everyday should be mother's day. I believe that the greatest gift a child can gift to his or her mother is to simply be a person that she can be proud of.

To all the children our there, I hope mother's day does not stop when the date changed yesterday.

To all the mothers... Happy mother's day...

Finally, to my deceased mother, I know I have not been always good, but I know when the time comes for us to meet again, I will tell you stories about the life that I lived and that you will be happy to hear all of it. I love you Mommy, I hope you knew that when you left us.

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