Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Randomness of thought

If in the previous years, I almost always felt lonely about being here in Baguio, I'm feeling different this time around. I thought this feeling will just pass, but then it stuck to me and I am beginning to think that I will be having the same emotion for long.

Last week, my phone was confiscated. I am hoping that I will get it soon but for some reason, I seem not to be that interested in having it returned to me soon. For no apparent reason (at least nothing that I am aware of), I am contented with being detached from "civilization" with the internet being the only way to find me. How weird is that?

Just before I went to Nueva Ecija last month, I started watching the series One Tree Hill. Yesterday, I finished the 15th episode of season 4 and I hate the fact that I can not find the continuation of the season. For some reason, the DVD ended in the part where Peyton meets her stalker just before she goes to her senior prom I do not know what happens next. So I started watching Numb3rs, I'm enjoying it but I still can't help but wonder what happened at One Tree Hill. Moral lesson: always buy a complete season. :)

Well life is better now, considering that I am at the very top of the cadet hierarchy already and of course, graduation is just 9 months away. I am not worried much, I am just very eager to enjoy the rest of my remaining days as a cadet.

Anyway, its not like everything is good. If things are well in most things about my life, there is still one area that makes me wonder everytime I am by myself. As I said to one friend, I am at a stage where life seems to lead to happily ever after and my problem is not about going towards it but having someone to share it with. Well it is still the same thing as before, the same girl, the same confusion. But then again, its not as if its the end of the world, I am believing that everything will come into place in God's time, I just hope it will be sooner... I hope you are reading this...

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