Sunday, July 08, 2007

Inside these Television Shows

There are just times when I choose to be cheesy and today is one of those.

Believe it or not but dramas seem to have an effect on me that I can practically spend my day engrossed with all the emotions a certain show wants to impose (ang pangit ng word wala lang akong maisip.. thesaurus HELP!!). Just this morning, I was finally done watching all four seasons of the OC still hating the fact that I do not know what happens to the love story of the main character Ryan. But of course, I will not be doing a review of the series that I watched, I'll basically deal with those shows that I loved.

When we were little, we use to watch Matt Lock early in the morning. I was about ten years old then and it was shown early in the morning at RPN 9 around 5 just about the time when we were about to wake up to start the day. The show was a legal drama with Matt Lock as the main character (of course). I did not understand much of the legalities at that time, I just enjoyed it when at the end the main character is able to defend his client well even if I did not understand how the court proceedings went.

During holy week, I would spend the whole day watching the marathon of 7th Heaven. There was also the time when during weekends, there was a marathon of Beverly Hills 90210 at Studio 23. I loved these shows and I hate it when I miss an episode. Of course there was also Meteor Garden. I did not watch it on television but spent two days watching all of the first season and another two days of the second season. I then moved on to Winter Sonatta and Summer Solstice. That was the time when Asian telenovelas was a hit in the country. Of course, there is also the addiction to Smallville that made me watch the whole 5 seasons straight without sleeping. I could remember how I seem to be mesmerized by the stories of this shows that I watch that I usually end up feeling so emotionally involved with the events and how I do not know what happens next.

Last year, a friend lent me the complete season of Lover's in Paris and spent a week (that is considering that I am a cadet whose schedule is rigid) watching all of it. About two weeks ago, I bought all 4 season's of One Tree Hill, then the OC and Numb3ers. I'm already done with the first two and currently on the third one. I guess it can never be denied that I do enjoy these shows, cheesy as they are.

As I was trying to compose this blog, I kind of think of the reasons why I love watching shows like these. I wonder why I like the Lucas-Peyton tandem better than the Lucas-Brooke tandem. I still hate the fact that Marissa was an important character in the life of Ryan when she's practically a b*tch. I love the way how some characters can be so bad, or so b*tchy yet show a human side that everyone would love to have. I like it when no matter how things are, the end is always some realization that is very much close to our hearts. At the back of my mind I can just think of how the events unfolded and somehow feel good about my existence. Although there are times when I hate how a story develops, I still watch it hoping that in the end good will triumph evil.

In the many shows that I have watched, I could understand why life is so colorful just as how I really see it. I feel that no matter how things are, life is easier lived when we know that somewhere in the future there is this assurance(no matter how little) that all will turn out well. I do believe that in the end I will live happily ever after.

I guess, our enemy of not living this life to the fullest is our tendency to be shortsighted resulting to becoming selfish and impatient. In the many shows that I have watched and considering the many troubles the characters have been caught up with, there is this greatness to the fact that in the end the virtues of love, friendship and family becomes the redeeming factor in it. Whether you agree with me or not, these are the virtues that also redeems even in real life.

All of us will find lessons in the things that we experience. For me, its inside one of those crying scenes, arguments or even tragedies that I see in the drama series that I love to watch. The important thing, I should say, is that no matter what happens, we stay in touch with reality and live this life in hopeful aspiration of the goodness that is abounding everywhere.

Be careful... Strive to be Happy.

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