Friday, August 10, 2007

The lives of those who fought

The words are still echoing inside my head as I remember how he used to read the publication inside the mess hall about 6 months ago. In one instant, he was gone.

Last night, a sad news enveloped the whole Corps of Cadets. Our previous Brigade Adjutant, who graduated last March, was one of the fatalities in the latest clash against the muslim rebels in Sulu. As we were trying to confirm the news, we realized, life slips that FAST.

It will seem that for most of us, we have embraced the reality of death. When asked about questions concerning this topic, we proudly say that everybody is bound to die, I would rather die fighting for my country. Such was the case of our upperclass, but in the real sense, when reality has settled, it is not as simple as dying. To say that its that simple is a mockery of the hope and spirit we invested in our training, the idealism that we have cultivated, and of course the perseverance we mustered.

When people read today's news, they will dismiss it as another of those usual occurence about rebels being engaged in a firefight with our armed forces. Today, as I try to read the news, I remember a voice whose command I used to heed when he begins his sonata of orders while we conduct our weekly parades. I try to remember how I used to give this person the salute that he truly deserves everytime our paths cross. I try to remember the idealism that we both shared and cultivated inside the very halls that I am now. In an instant all of those will just be memories, happy memories I suppose.

As the lyrics of one song we sing here in the Academy would put it:

"And when the taps shall sound for men
Banners drape my last remains
Let singing comrades bury me
To the echo of these strains"

Let us remember the lives of those who fought for this country. The job is hard but someone has to do it... Let's go ARMY


Anonymous said...

i don't get to read your blog now as often as i used to.i have to say, and i think i have articulated this to you several times in the past, that your string of words fascinate me. You make thoughts, and emotions so palpable when you write. Keep up the good work. I seldom give htis complement, hehehe...

Anonymous said...'s my first time to read your blog...
wat did you feel when some more men from PMA died during the battle in Basilan lately?? did it not discouraged you in pursuing your career??

alex said...

Of course it was sad especially that those who died were my upperclassmen here but then it did not discourage me instead it encouraged me to make good with my training maybe when I'm there I can avoid dying early