Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The love that overflows

In a correspondence with someone I know, our topic, although not explicitly, revolves on the love that we have experienced in our lifetime. When we talk about our family so fondly, or about how experiences changed the way we are as a person, we are in fact speaking of the love that we experienced. With that said, I will be writing about the love that overflows.

There are two things that can happen to a person. To accept love or not to accept it. Either way the person is still loved. If you come to think of it, there is never an instance in this world that one is in lack of loving, its just a matter of acceptance. I realized that the month of loving we experience solely depends on the amount of love we want to accept, this then goes on to say that those who say they lack love lacked acceptance. We will never really know how loved we are. Not that it should be taken negatively but the thought that the love we can experience can not be measured is a promising prospect that life in this world is indeed wonderful (that is if you consider being loved as a good thing).

Now the reason I am saying all this is because for most of us, we tend to think that love is something that requires other people. Especially this generation, we think that love is there to be found, the truth is: IT IS THERE TO BE EXPERIENCED. I am saying that love is not a feeling of some sort it is actually a part of our life, an experience that is for our taking. It is not borne out of intricate formula that came from a brilliant mind, but rather it is the proof of our existence that simply overflows everywhere.

The point of all this is love is a natural result of living this life the way it should be lived according to the purpose that we were created. Being borne out of love means that we are creatures of love which is also the reason why we are capable of doing so. In the end to live is to love and not to love is to be a walking dead person.

I guess it will be hard to accept that there are indeed difficult situations, lives that are ruined but in all this its just a matter of realizing that love overflows and its all a matter of acceptance.

I love you people!!!

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