Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random thoughts

A moment in time is a moment lost in eternity. A gasp of air is one chance at life. In a person's lifetime there are moments that would seem to be lost in an instant. Sometimes we take notice and sometimes we do not. How many chances do we get in a lifetime?

In my life there have been memories that keep on coming back. Memories that I wish to remember because for some reason I will not be able to get a taste of it again. Usually, these memories are either my firsts and my lasts. There are also times when we feel that we are into something that will not happen again. What I regret the most is not taking notice that such events will have a lasting impact on me. Have I known, I would have paid attention to every detail and savored it.
Perhaps we really do not know. I mean, if we live our life always looking for those moments then we would not be enjoying that moment enough for it to become a lasting memory. It can then be said that these memories only became such because of the simple reason that they are GONE. The question then is: Do we really have to wait for the time that it is gone?

Is value an end to a thing lost? Do we really know how valuable something is when it is still not list? Should we risk it?

These are random thoughts, insights that are borne of a stormy weather and a wondering heart. A thought that came from a longing heart wondering if the things that I value are those that really matter. Again... I will never know.

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