Tuesday, September 04, 2007

For Fides

I was looking at pictures of the recent wedding of my cousin. It kind of gave me memories, fond memories that is.

Back in the days when I was searching for direction in my life, I used to spend the best times of those with her. I remember the first time she was in Dumaguete telling her things about the place since I was already there for a while. I introduced her to my other cousin on the mother side (she's my cousing on the father side). She seemed to be shy and after that little introduction I did not have an idea that they were to become friends. Anyway, I go back to manila, go to PMA, got discharged and when back to Dumaguete. Of course, I have to meet my relatives my two cousins (from both sides) included. I started introducing myself as the cousin of so and so. The response was surprising. In the time that I was not in Dumaguete, the two seemed to have become close. The have become friends and introduced themselves as "cousins". They said that it was because it takes a while to explain that she is the cousin of the cousin of the he so just to make it simple they are cousins. Now when I come back, people wonder how I get in the picture when the two are cousins, I must be pretending.

Well, the male cousin (the one on the mother side) died a few years after that. I considered him my favorite cousin. Of course, my other cousin will not argue anymore whose my "more favorite" since the other one died. But then she is also my favorite for despite of the many things we argue about we have something that is common, we stick to family no matter what. I guess I have not told her things that I should have so maybe this is my time as a wedding present.

To Fides:

I remember the time when we will spend the whole night trying to copy drawings from books. I remember how amazed we were to discover that it was easier to use onion skin paper to trace the drawings or put oil (gas baya gyud) on the paper for us to trace it easier. I also remember the time when we argued about what to do with my life since you had to insist that PMA or UP will be bombed so I have to come up with another plan. I remember the time when we were so drunk at Burger Junction waiting for our burgers to be cooked when the bell sounded at the nearby church to signal that it was already the start of the 5 AM mass. I remember how you find it funny that I only know one dance step for the duration of the Ati-ati Festival at Ibajay. I remembered how I find it weird that you wanted to go on night swimming at Boracay. Of course, there's also the time that I have to drive you home fast in your motorcycle because we have to catch Meteor Garden. Trying to recall all of those things now I wished that life would have been that simple that it can be spent enjoying each other's company with no worries.

Of course, I have to make something out of my life and mind you I did keep my promise, I will be graduating soon. And of course, you got married... finally. Looy na kaayo kong Noel kung nadugay pa gyud. The point is, looking back at all the things that have happened, I just realized that life would not have been that good if not for the memories that we had. Now with my life having a direction, I can not imagine how I would have reached this far if not for the many reminders that I had to hear from you and I know your constant prayer that I will be well.

I guess what I am saying is that, I can not thank you enough. Grabe kahilakon man ko ano makaulaw kay firstclass baya ko unya daghan kaayong tawo diri. Hapit na break ma'am mag-inom ta..... haaha

Dili na nako ni tiwason kay drama kaayo...


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mai(the favorite cousin haha) said...

thank you pud andot.. treasured memories to nato.. siguro pud, if you were not part of my life, dili pud ni ingon ani ka colorful akong life.. hahaha

looking forward to your graduation.. i hope i will be able to attend (i'll be trying my very best!)

mwah, luv you