Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just blogging

After my announcement last week, now is the only time tha I have something to write. I'm feeling better now and I'm done with all my exams for this semester so this is a good way to start.

The reason why I did not post for the past week was because I was into something that really occupied me so much. Looking back at it now, I feel that I should have written something about it for the pupose of being able to record the evnts that happened to my life in the past days. My hand is actually going on automatic in the keyboard because all the ideas are just comming out of my mind like flowing water from a dam that has not been opened for a while. Bear with me as I try to accomodate all of these ideas.
Developing new friendship are just some of the things that have occupied me in the past week. I did not know that it was possible but really I am enjoying the company of new people. I am discovering how lives can be so different yet so similar to each other. I realized that the way to another person's heart is to let go of your differences and treasure the things that bound you together as people. In the next coming days I will try to write more about this new friendship and somehow be able to really understand why it has really made something out of the totality of my existence.
My chances on my PFT are getting slimmer by the day and with all my academic requirements fulfilled for the semester, I decided to go on a rigid physical regimen in the next coming weeks to address this growing concern on my physical fitness as a cadet. I have been trying to read a lot about doing pull-ups and that is what I will try to do in the next weeks hoping that God will be faithful and bless me with the upper body strength I need to pass it. Please help me pray.
The 9th National Debate Championship is also fast approaching with PMA as host. There has been several problems that were encountered but I still say that the experience the participants will have with PMA as host will be something that they will remember for the rest of their lives.
I just realized that I really was not able to write something substantial but then again that is just how it is, maybe some other time. The thing is I am praying for the good things to come, help me people with prayers.... Thanks

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