Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Tito's brush

I was browsing through websites a couple of days back when I found pictures of painted bodies and remembered how my tito creates such wonderful masterpiece with his brush.

I wasn't close to him as an uncle. I barely knew him and there was just no opportunity for us to know each other. Our lives were separated by our chaotic family situation and though I knew him as my father's brother, that was just it.

As a young boy, I often saw his paintings on our walls and knew then that he had this talent for the arts but again that was it. Unknown to him, I marveled at the huge mural he have on his wall. My interactions with him were mere casual small talks that had to be done because we were in the same house.

Fast forward to 2003, I was "exiled" at the province and spent the best days of that exile with my tito and marveled at the talent he has. The picture in the side is a body painting created by my tito. That is what people will expect on his yearly body painting competition that is now on it's 7th installment. I was on the fifth and I am hoping to be there again when this one is staged. For more information about the event go to 7th NUI Pintaflores Body Painting Competition. Or you can use the tags nui and bodypainting at Flickr

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