Sunday, October 07, 2007

Songs that touch the soul

I was watching the preliminaries of the Pacquiao-Barrera early today when during the singing of our National Anthem I just can't help but feel a deep sense of pride as Kyla sang it. I realized how songs can have some sort of effect on me as a person.

Honestly, I am a person who loves to sing. As a young boy, I would gaze at music sheets and try to sing them even though I do not know how to read notes. I joined choirs and other singing stints in school just to be able to do what I love doing. I remember that one of the first movies that I cried on was when Fievel and his sister was singing Somewhere out there in An American Tail. I knew at that time that singing or music had something to do with my emotional mechanism. In my brother's first birthday in the early 90's, I sang the same song with a sister. It wasn't that grand but it was the beginning of several opportunities that I will have singing to people in some family gathering.

Well, me and my dad's favorites are of course the novelty songs of Yoyoy Villame, which we usually sing in duet especially during parties with his subordinates. In one rare occassion just this year, I found myself singing Magellan (its the song about the story of how the Philippines was discovered by Magellan) in front of no less than the then Inspector General of the AFP and the then Commandant of Cadets (they are generals by the way). In high school, I use to cry as I sing songs to myself when I miss my mother. I could remember singing Alamid's Your love to myself at a time when I missed my mother terribly. I feel the music when I watch movies and become so engrossed with how the melody and the lyrics immerse me with such wonderful emotions. I think music has a way to communicate to my soul.

This afternoon, as Kyla was belting out our national anthem, I felt a sense of pride. I do not know how these feelings are but I knew that as she was singing, I was so proud to be a Filipino. The feeling was reminiscent of the time when I sang the PMA Alma Mater Song in civilian clothes as I dreamed of going back saying to myself that I just might not sing that song again wearing the cadet uniform. Well, 2 years after, I had the feeling of relief and deep sense of pride as I sang the same song already wearing my cadet uniform.

Maybe I am just being too sentimental but I guess the more my emotions are stirred by these songs, the more I understand the deeper reasons of the things that I value. I could say now that the feeling was brought about by a sense of national pride brought about by a Filipino who is a world-class boxer. Somehow, I feel that if only we are able to find that emotion in each of us we will be able to understand these events not as mere boxing matches but rather part of the reawakening of our pride as Filipinos enough for us to be motivated to help this country move forward.

Well in the end, Pacquiao won, but more than that, I think we should understand the deeper meaning of the things that we value and realize that there is more to it that what is obvious...

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