Monday, January 21, 2008

Amusing Blogs: Underside

The usual practice that I do when recommending blogs in my blog is that I first write a review before their blogs appear on my recommendations, but after reading the comment of Nina on my Rantings entry, I realized that I have not yet written my review for her blog which I have been visiting quite often these weeks. Here it is.

I think I have shared this thought very often but I'll say it again, I believe that the way people compose their words reflect the kind of personality that they possess. With this, I mean that with every choice of word, to the way they are ordered, this reflects the person that the writer is whether he or she writes this patterns voluntarily. This was my take with the blog of Nina, a prolific writer who makes good analysis on issues only that (as my usual comment on her blog) I think she has the tendency to look more on the negative aspect of things rather than see the beauty of it.

I chanced upon her blog through another online blog/pal and was impressed with the confidence that she exudes with the way she expresses her ideas. It is not very often these days that we find writers who are able to be true express the kind of truthfulness that does not wish to impress people. I think the beauty of her writing style lies on that truthfulness and that entertainment that she provides with her witty remarks and observations. I have to say that I do not necessarily agree with her ideas on certain topics especially when she exposes the glaring SAD realities of this country. The thing that worries me is that because she just writes so well, people will believe that our country is that bad despite of the advances (although little at least nag aadvance) that we have been experiencing in many aspects.

I admire her independence of ideas and her observant nature although I am still hoping that she understands my point and will try to look at the brighter side of things more especially when writing about the state of this country.

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