Thursday, January 24, 2008

Having fun

It's amazing how people can come up with funny things in the way life is being lived. I think its the way Filipinos are in just making things entertaining to somehow get out of that rigid lifestyle that we live here as cadets.

After watching a soccer game between PMA and Benguet State University this afternoon, I was confused why one of the players (a classmate of mine) kept on shouting "W." I thought this maybe some play or code that they came up with so that their opponents will not be able to know their tactics in the game. Later on I learned that "W" actually meant pass the ball. In the past days, my classmates (especially those crazy about soccer) have been addicted to the PC Game FIFA (I do not know what year it is). Apparently the command for passing the ball is W on the keyboard... that explains why he was shouting "W" during the actual game that he had.

In another incident, another set of my classmates were laughing their hearts out because one of them uttered the name of another classmate that they do not like. I learned in our conversation that they have this agreement never to say the name of that classmate of ours. If one violates that agreement, that person buys a liter of Chuckie Chocolate Drink (this is actually a cadet favorite). The agreement in itself is silly, its like characters in Harry Potter saying "He who must not be named." More sillier are the antics they do to have each other say the name of that classmate. They conspire with each other so that one will unknowingly say the name of that classmate then he'll buy them Chuckie. Just imagine two of them coming up with some elaborate plan complete with props and all just to make the other one say that dreaded name. I wonder how my classmate (the one that must not be named) would react if he learns of this scheme?

Well, those are bits of stories that amused me awhile back. My situation here is not that fun as other people's life are but I guess we tend to have our way in having fun. Just before I came here to type this entry my roommate asked me this question: "Ano daw ang kotse na maarte?" His answer was "eh di honDA (with the emphasis on DA to make the point of maarte)". Then he had his follow-up... "Ano naman ang mas maarte?"... "eh di mazDA." I'm still laughing now because of this joke... ha ha... just forgive me people....

God Bless you all...

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