Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Graduation jitters

I just finished my last Final Exam. That would be the last academic work that I will be doing as a cadet, I can't believe that it was actually the last... the last after four years.

These, days the feeling is more of nostalgia and fear. Although I am really really excited to graduate, the feeling is very difficult considering that this institution has somehow changed the kind of person that I am. With this blog as my witness, I could say that I am a better person and PMA did nurture me to be a better person that I first entered here. I also fear the fact that I am about to go into the unknown world of being a soldier in the actual playing field. The reality is already settling in but the uncertainty is there and the fear is somehow coupling itself with the excitement I am feeling as the graduation nears. Somehow I could say now that PMA is not that very different to any other learning institutions. Although most people will see us marching around in our uniforms and all, we actually feel the very same things that everybody feels when they mature, they grow up and of course when they graduate. The feeling becomes more glaring when we listen to the perception of people about us and the expectations that they have set... the great things that people are relying on us to do. The greater feeling that I have now is the feeling of being humbled by what I am expected to be outside the Academy compared to the person that I can offer. I am humbled because I am beginning to understand why I will have to believe in myself and have faith in God as I embrace my role for my people. Yes, I am sounding very ideal, very promising but then that is the reality of why we are being trained at the country's premier military institution in the first place. I guess the point I am driving at is that the country's money did not go to waste. Come March 17 the 223 members of my class will graduate and will let history judge us. I hope that you pray for us....

Cheers to the many men and women who have in one way or another assisted in the development of the cadets who will soon become young lieutenants and ensigns of the armed forces.

As we say here.... Para sa bayan... Thank you everyone...


bless said...

congratulations! God bless you! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats lt. cabales
the filipino people are expecting much from you..
my snappy salute!!
il pray for you..