Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Update and some funny things

Its not that I have nothing to post about, its just that I am confused what to post with the so many things that have happened in the past week that I have been hibernating.

First, I passed my last PFT sealing the deal with my already solved pull up problem. I have written something more "dramatic" about the whole experience but is reserving it for the Corps Magazine as my sort of farewell to that publication I so loved. Nonetheless, I will publish it here once that magazine issue comes out on graduation next month.

Another thing is that our rings have arrived and the feeling is just so surreal (but nice). I was not prepared for the time that I will lay my eyes on the ring that will mark me as a certified PMA Graduate. I spent the whole night wearing it even in my sleep... its weird but can you blame me...

I really do not have all the ideas to merit a good blog entry, there are just so many things that makes me happy these days. Anyway, I am posting some fun pictures that I saw in the past

This one was taken during my recent class field trip. I already found it funny the first time I saw it. This was taken at a communal forest, a somewhat protected forest somewhere in La Trinidad, Benguet. Of course, I know the intention for this sign but then at point blank I would think that the tree (or plant) that this sign was nailed on was some kind of sacred tree or something. The sign in other areas said to "keep out of the plantED AREAS." I guess thats what this sign was intended to mean.

This is another sign that I find funny in the same communal forest. If you try to analyze you would think that there is a thing called Cutting Trees. I imagine these are trees that cut other trees near it. Maybe its a result of mutation and all. I maybe shallow to find this funny but then again this is my blog.

Of course, the intention of this sign is obvious but then again, it was funny for me

If you look closely, you'll understand why this is so funny. I mean the MATTRESS is really for resting but this one is hilarious

Enjoy people...


Anonymous said...

i actually thought the sign said: NO CUTTING, NO TREES. you should see some vandals in UP. really funny, especially sa mga desks and c.r.s haha.

alex said...

ay nakita ko na yung iba... sagutan pa nga eh... and its not just true in UP I think in most schools, of course wala dito sa PMA since it is not an accepted practice... nakakabanas nga when we found several vandals after we hosted the 9th NDC last year... ay sorry off-topic