Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Everyday I see this beauty staring at me
And everyday I wish I can share it with somebody
Because everytime I see this, instead I feel lonely
As this beauty stares at me, I always realize I have nobody


ian said...

with all the recent skirmishes (?) grabbing national headlines, i'm glad you're well- not to look down on your own personal struggles, of course. but it's really neat to read your writings again.

trust that the Lord will meet you where you are, to take care of all your needs, even before you've thought of them, even if you can't or won't articulate them.

hard as it may to believe at times, you are never alone. the Lord is always with you =]

the work you do is important! keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

i love your poem that u've posted last august?..uhmm can i borrow that?..uhmm i just love the message..^^

dnt worry hnd ko cia icocopy..^^


ar-ei said...

can i be that somebody who'll share that beauty with you?hehehehe..

nice post sir!!!

God bless you always and thank you for protecting our beloved Philippines!!