Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going back on track

This post is written from my ever reliable sony ericsson phone (support asian products) and i hate it when i can not do much tweaking on sentence structures.
Anyway, i just want to pour my heart out over the latest bomb in my life that i have to deal with. I was fine, i even have forgotten those unsaid emotions simply because i was trying to be respectful. I did not heed my urge to say my thoughts for comfort for the reason that it wasn't my role. I cherished the whole experience of loving unconditionally, looked forward to the next best thing, ignored the lingering thought that you might just be that best thing and lived life. I got used to ignoring these beasts inside my head and allowed my heart to heal naturally. But why drop the bomb now?
These are truths that i discovered, i can not stand the thought of you being unhappy, i can not ignore you and what was true then remains true now. I'm a broken piece of a man for not following my heart and its haunting me now.
Wala ng space sa phone... Leche

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Sarah Enriquez said...

Hoy! buti ka pa! may google page rank kahit 1. shocks ako super wala hirap na hirap na ko maglink nang maglink! ayoko na!!!!!!!!