Saturday, January 14, 2012

Talk about irony

Forced to stay inside barracks while the rain perennially lashes itself outside, I had to make do with whatever entertainment I can find. There’s my laptop with three seasons of Brothers and Sisters and several recently downloaded (aka pirated) movies, Red Alert 3 and, of course, the ever-reliable Television set. I also get to explore my recently acquired Blackberry (I love it!!!) and in the process familiarize myself with Twitter. With my obvious boredom on a weekend, I get the chance to explore my thoughts of the things that happen around me. I can’t help it, it is just all over.

A few weeks back, while waiting for the Ferry that would bring me to San Carlos City from Toledo City, I happen to strike a conversation with another commuter. Upon learning that I was with the Army he began to ask me with many questions about my profession. I cannot remember much of the details in that conversation but what I recall the most was me saying that the Armed Forces has matured enough not to launch coups to express its dissatisfaction. It is the same statement that I say to everybody and I am proud to be able to say it. It meant that I am part of a professional organization. One that has matured to become truly the people’s Armed Forces. But this does not mean we are happy with how things are (me in particular). Although, I could personally say that another Magdalo-ish group is a distant probability, it is also wrong if the AFP will look like an insensitive institution that follows the President’s “tuwid na daan” without any protest. First, the All-out justice that was promised for soldiers last October is still OUT THERE. Then the hunt for one of the most successful military commander in recent time complete with a one million bounty while the government boasts of spending the country’s coffers WISELY. A million peso that is readily available to whoever can provide information that will lead to the capture of an effective retired soldier when as of today, the subsistence allowance for the soldiers is YET TO BE MADE AVAILABLE. Talk about irony.

I’ll stop now. I’m a soldier. Just do your job.

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