Sunday, February 26, 2012

Appeal to HELP (updated as of April 22)

The Barangay Hall
Don Mariano Marcos is a community a few kilometres away from the City of Mati in Davao Oriental. As of this month, this has been my workplace conducting what we call Peace and Development Outreach Program. In essence we assist the local government particularly the Barangay Council in improving the delivery of government services through liaising, organizing and whatever assistance possible. Through this. we hope to increase community participation in governance, empower the barangay council in the performance of their duties and innovate solutions to problems in the community.
The reason I write this now is to formally use my blog as a tool to solicit help for the various initiatives we have been doing right now in the community. I am aspiring to put up a community library for this community. You see, although this Barangay is remote, potential here is abundant. These community has four (4) daycare centers; four (4) elementary schools; and a national high school. Ironically, the community has no library where the students of all these schools can use.
The first time I came here, I had an enlightening chat with the Teacher in charge of the national high school. From initially asking about her students, we came to the serious topic as to how many of those who graduate from the school actually go to college. From the small number she gave, I then asked how many of those will graduate and get a degree?; then the very troubling answer…. “Swerte na sir pag may ISA”
This is the National High School
Having been privileged to come from good schools (Silliman University and the Philippine Military Academy), I was perfectly aware how important atmosphere can be to assist a student. According to the teachers here, they do not give research work to the students because they have nothing to use for research. Sadly, research is a major activity in college plus the discipline it teaches a student allows them to be better learners. Students here cannot be encouraged to read because in the first place there is nothing to read. Although there could be other factors that will affect the future of these students, I feel that they are being denied of various opportunities just because there is no library in this community.
Well, I believe something can be done. I believe somewhere out there are books that people do not use. It may be old encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases and other reference materials. Rather than throw them out maybe you can just give them to this community so that we can start this community library. We will deal with whatever donation people will bring. I am appealing to the kind heart of people out there please extend a helping hand to this community. We might just be able to give them a better chance for their future.
For more information about this project you can reach me through my number (09177192179) or just leave a comment here. Please help.

(Note: This appeal has resulted to donations from as far as the United States. You can read the follow-up blogpost to this appeal here)

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Jazz said...

where in Metro Manila can we drop off books for donation? Do you accept used school textbooks?