Monday, March 26, 2012

We are almost THREE

I have been trying very hard to write an entry for the past days. I have been writing about the things that I am doing conducting Peace and Development Outreach Program (PDOP) in Barangay Don Mariano Marcos so thought that maybe I can go on with the topic. Several drafts after, I still have not written something worthy of publishing. I thought this must be due to the stress I have been realizing lately with so many things to do in my so-called little kingdom. This morning, I had a headache and did not do much other than give instructions for the reports that I have to accomplish. Logging on to the internet, I saw a familiar title on a Facebook Picture a high school classmate posted. She was about to give birth and the title of the photo she posted was: And then there was three.

Two years ago,  I use the same title on a post about the birth of my little girl, Star. The FB photo bought me back to that blogpost that reminded me the wonderful feeling I had when I became a father. Today, that little girl is two years old and has developed a liking to anything that is Barbie. I figured that with so many things that I am doing right now, I have to reconnect with those that I value the most: My family who is several miles away. While I try my best to do a good job at PDOP, I should remind myself of the wonderful life I am building, a life with a beautiful wife and a bubbly daughter that I promised to give a good life. When things become so hectic, our priorities seem to become fuzzy and somehow, God reminds us with something (a headache perhaps, or a high school classmate about to give birth) that reminds us of the path we choose. In the past days, I have been feeling guilty of not being able to talk to my wife that much as I am mostly in meetings or too tired to talk. I have seem to forgot how I defined love as an action word, a conscious effort to let the other person know that she is loved.

Today, we are discussing moving to a house in General Santos. All these years my wife and daughter has settled in their old house in Kiamba, Sarangani as I am mostly away on assignments.Talking to my wife about the arrangements for this new development, I am excited that we are gradually progressing as a family. Last year we started paying off two adjacent lots in a housing project within General Santos City and the goal now is to be able to pay it in full within the year. As I write this blog, I am being tickled inside by the goodness of God in the way He has guided my family.

I think more than anything, I should be writing about how God has made things well for me and my family. The struggles that we had in the past two years are merely blurry memories that brought us to the happy state that we are now. I am thankful that God is perfecting me to become a loving husband and father to my growing family.

Next week, my wife will be celebrating her 26th birthday. Last year, I was able to come home at around 12 midnight in time for her birthday as I just came from an activity somewhere in Davao del Sur. I am hoping now that we will be able to celebrate it together this year. Later on the month also will be our 3rd wedding anniversary. Last year, I was somewhere in the mountains and failed to find the cellphone signal to be able to greet her on our special day. This year, I am praying hard that circumstances will be in our favor. We have never celebrated a wedding anniversary together. Well, God is still good and he is good all the time. I am crossing my finger that my wish will be granted, but whatever happens, I am thankful for the family that He has given me and will trust that He will see this family through according to His will.

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charmieness said...

Wow, mag-3years na diay mo? Advanced happy anniv! Hope to see you and Gail and Star soon!! :)