Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The day that ended in front of the computer

Here I am again. After running around 11 kilometers of Baguio terrain in 55 minutes and doing a couple of squat thrusts in around 30 minutes or so, I end up in front of the computer trying to contemplate on the things that have happened wondering what I have learned this day. It was a good thing earlier since after sleeping in class, I still got a perfect score in the exam, not a feat though, just some photographic memory and some luck.

And so what have I really learned? First, I learned that when you do not know how long you are going to do an exercise, you just have to do it slowly to preserve energy. Second, you just have to smile, although your sweating, at least you can carry a smile. And finally everything comes to an end, 11 kilometers do end after 55 minutes, and squat thrusts do end after 30 minutes. Just like everything that happens around us, its better not to rush things, doing it slowly not just to preserve energy but also to enjoy every bit of it, memories whether good or bad and whatever it is, I think we all get to smile at ourselves when we remembered things that have happened in the past. Then, you never lose anything when you smile, even amidst, shall I say, adversary, in fact it helps us deal with the situation with "cheerful countenance". Remember, when you are in a bad situation you are already in a bad situation, it doesn't change anything if you frown, but then smilig can at least give you a good feeling even during bad times. And finally, at every tumultous time is always an end. Whatever it is, sooner or later it will come to an end and when it does, it will just be another memory and that one day you'll say "Ako nga dati ganito... tingnan mo ngayon..." What is important is that we learn our lessons and I hope we learn it well. Life can be so exciting if we deal with it with the positive outlook. As we say while running earlier.... "PMA, Positive Mental Attitude.... 1...2 ha!!!" Ciao

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