Monday, June 06, 2005

It really can't be bad all the time

I got my Unit Exam paper in Calculus earlier today and I did pass, in fact my score was quite good considering that my classmate who was so good at the subject flunked that exam, so its not that bad all the time after all. I'm just happy considering the hang ups that I have been encountering with this subject in the past days. It was a good feeling at least it somehow softens the effect of the exam that I think I failed last week. Anyway, the good thing about this is that it gives me that hope that I do understand the lessons after all and that gives me more confidence when I take the final exams by the end of the month which I'm proud to say might just be my only final exam for the semester... YAHOO!!! Although I might not make it to Dean's list this semester because of Calculus but nevertheless I will be able to go on break come first week of July and that's a good thing... I'm going to Dumaguete and San Carlos... YAHOO again...
The Corps Magazine is out, at least a limited copy was released to the Corps yesterday, and sad to say the short story that I wrote supposedly for someone was not published. Although 3 out of the 4 articles I wrote were published, which is good, I just can't be that glad about the non publication of that short story since I really wanted it published more than the other three that were published. I just have to contend myself with publishing that story on my website or maybe try again come next issue. Of course, I'll have new ideas then and that short story might loose its "taste". Well at least most of my articles were published and as early as now I am already hearing some comments about the "boldness" of my articles... too bad I'm the writer..... hehehe
Well, I have reasons to be happy about and thank God the world is round!!!

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