Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Star from Heaven

I am hoping to capture my emotion over the birth of my beautiful baby girl who was born healthy last 13 September. I am hoping that in the future she will be able to read my thoughts and be reminded how loved she is.

I always wanted a daughter. I have a very long explanation why I wanted a daughter but that would have to be in a different blog, for now I just want to write how I feel about the whole miracle of being given a wonderful gift from God.

People say that first time fathers would have many different feelings when their child is about to be born. For my part I was more excited that worried. Somehow, I was having this feeling of confidence that all will be well. I have faith that my wife will be able to go through with her labor pains and delivery very well and I knew I was ready for fatherhood. What went through my mind mostly was the things that I wanted to do with my daughter when she is able to bond with his father. More importantly how will I be as a father to her.

Being in the military, I knew this was difficult. In my experience as a son of a military man, there were very few instances when my father had the time to be with us. Deciding to join the military, this was one of the very serious issues that were part of the considerations in my decision. The clincher was that others have done it and so can I.

Most of my friends think that I have already thought of the whole thing and that it would be very easy for me. Well, its true that I have done a lot of thought about fatherhood per sec, but nothing really prepares one for the coming of a human being that is given under your care. I think no amount of philosophy or know how can explain the whole experience of fatherhood unless one has to really do it. And so, I went to my life philosophies and remember the things that I value most in this life.

I want her to grow up believing that family is the basic foundation of anything in this world. I want her to always remember that it is from the family where all of life's fulfillment comes from and that no amount of success in whatever field can compensate for failure in the family.

I want her to know that the life that we live has nothing to do with certainty. And it is because of that that one has to develop an attitude of faith based on principles coming from a supreme being. A life lived in faith of a wonderful God who takes care of all our worries is a life lived to the fullest. It is also a life that is not bothered by the bitter realities of the world but one that is sheltered with hopeful endeavors always for the good no matter the diffuculties. More importantly, it is a life lived with contentment and noble aspirations.

Finally I want her to always live by the wisdom of the fox in the Little Prince. It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

I want my beautiful Star to remember that I prayed for her and she was given to me. I want her to know that although I will never be able to the best in all of the things that I will go into (including fatherhood), my most important accomplishment will always be being a father to her and maybe to others that will follow after. With this blog as my witness, I am believing that ll will be well no matter the circumstances. Please pray for me people.

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just.aian said...

This post is very touching and I almost wish I was your daughter.=)

Your beautiful star is so lucky to have you as her father (and she's so cute too!) and she will grow up proud that she is your daughter.


esmeralda said...

mag-aapply sana akong ninang... pwede ba kahit malayo...
i am so glad to hear the news! =)
ninang na ako, please... =D

emotera said...

beautiful post...
it's nice to hear a story from a man's perspective...
very touching...:)