Thursday, August 18, 2005

Youth... Long ago

It has been very long since I wrote something in this blog and due to the very long delay I just have too much to say. But then I'm trying to focus my mind into some topic that came up while I was browsing through my friends list in friendster.
The topic on youth can sawy into so many areas but a while ago, while looking at the recent pictures of people I know when they were little kind of gave me something to think about and write something. I like the feeling of remembering moments with people, being reminded that in the not so distant past I used to do crazy and dumb things with them. It was a period where nothing seems to matter except having fun at that right moment. The world did change and now those times are just distant memories that make me laugh as I try my best to run the events in my head. It was fun living life, wondering what might happen next and being uncertain about things to come. But it is more fun now when I recall how stupid and naive I was and realizing that I did not fare so bad in this adventure we call life. Youth does allow us to evaluate our life and realize that we did learn some lessons and either way I put it, I'm just happy knowing that for a time in my life I can recall something that will just make me smile. Well, I'm not about to die but as early as now I could say that I have a good life and I must say that the best is yet to come. Here in the Philippine Military Academy, I begin to appreciate this things. Despite the loneliness that I feel very often, I look back to the life that I have lived and continue to live each day realizing that I am in some wonderful journey where the best is always coming to surprise me. Yes, I'm dreaming and I'm living it. Youth although little by little moving away from our grasp is a reminder that life is never dull and boring. In Paulo Coelho's Veronika decides to die, there was so much life, so much appreciation and so much beauty, people may call the context of the book (it was inside a mental hospital) absurd, but that just goes to show that the beauty of life is universal even to those we think are out of their mind. I love living and I just love life.
  • I read three books: Veronika decides to Die by Paulo Coelho, Two Weeks with my brother by Nicholas Sparks and Duty First (which is my book review for the Corps Magazine) by Ed Ruggero. Who says its busy here in PMA.
  • I hope my grades will be better, I want to go down to Manila in two weeks... Physics is putting up a good fight

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Moja said...

hi tedaks!!! hey!!! its been awhile since i visited your blog.. congratulations! you're a dean's listeer.. God bless!