Monday, November 07, 2005

The party is over

I haven't blogged for a while and that is why I deemed it necessary to write something after all the activities I had while on break. I am presently at San Carlos City, Negros Occidental who just had their City Fiesta. That explains why there seems to be no time to post something over the past few days when there was just so much to do, there was party all over and I just can't help but savor every bit of it. I enjoyed taking pictures of the festival having been entrusted by my uncle with his "miraculous" digital camera (its miraculous because it takes very good pictures) I only realized now that of all the more than 200 pictures I have taken over the past few days, none of it included me, I was not able to take pictures of myself. But then I can always claim that all the pictures were taken by me and I'm contented with that fact that it was good. I'm bringing along cds of the pictures I have taken hoping that I can make a something out of it and present it to the cyber world, to give you a glimpse of just how beautiful the festivities were, that I intend to do when I go back to Manila.
Speaking of beautiful, I was mesmerized by the beauty of one of the ladies I met in one of the parties that transpired. Incidentally, that beautiful face just bagged the Ms. San Carlos Crown the day before and by some twist of fate ended up talking to me finally exchanging numbers. Now I'm wondering if I should still pass through Cebu (which is not part of the original plan but is the place where she is now) or just go directly to Dumaguete and just hope to God she'll remember a part of me during the times that I will bother texting her of all the nonsense I could think of. I'm contemplating on the fact that I might not have created a lasting impression when we met since we were basically in the middle of a huge party and that she just can't help it but be friendly considering that she just became a beauty queen the day before. I am really seriously considering going to Cebu with enough money still on my pocket, it was a good thing I did not spend that much.... Hahahaha
And so that is what has happened so far, the party is over but my break still has two more weeks and I intend to spend the rest of it in Manila, it was a good thing that I was able to buy my ticket earlier, airfare now has dramatically increased and that would certainly be a problem. Well, all this EVAT thing and my ignorance on the Pinoy Big Brother Craze is certainly something that amuses people, but at least I know how the REAL world functions.
So this is where I end for now watch out for the pictures I'll be posting maybe as a website..... Just watch out.... It will include Body Painting Pictures (the ladies are really topless, wearing only t-back panties, of course you can not recognize the breasts since its covered with paint, but still the breasts are bare) and of course the Pintaflores Street Dancing and other festivities so that's it for now ciao....

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