Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I have some kind of developed this routine already when I go to the computer laboratory these days (our computers in the barracks do not have internet connection, the administration said that they are working on bringing the internet to the barracks... that's what they said). As soon as I log in to my account I open three windows, one for friendster, one for hotmail and one to check the traffic of my blog. I reply to messages, add friends, approve testimonials, delete spams and then I do the thing that I was supposed to do in the computer. These days, I end up typing the so many requirements I have for my subjects this semester. There are also instances that I just enjoy browsing through different pages and my discovery of the website Pinoy Top Blogs proved to be useful. I wanted to know what's interesting in the sites that are ahead of me in the list and also to look for some tips in increasing the traffic of this website. Surprisingly, I found most of the blogs interesting in different areas. I found this blog about a couple in Japan who will be having their first baby and currently the content is basically about their on going pregnancy. And then there is this blog about a young lady who's ex boyfriend had some kind of sickness that only she can heal... the thing is she is actually baby sitting her ex boyfriend... you should read the blog to understand why its interesting. In some way, I have come to realize that the reason why this blogs are interesting is that they practically give as a view of how lives of other people are lived. I mean, of course one has to know how to tell these stories but I think this is the same reason why reality shows are popular these days. I believe that pretensions are little by little becoming old and this generation is more interested on individuality, on how people go about their lives just being themselves like ordinary people.

Now I have one story about individuality that just superimposes my point. Last night, just when I was about to sleep an upperclass went inside my room to borrow the headphones of my room mate. Unfortunately, my room mates head phone was no longer with him and for some reason what was to be a simple request became a conversation about things that we encounter daily. Before I continue with my story, let me describe this upperclass I am referring to. Although, he treats us very well, he is this type we call in our jargon as "siga." He does not want to go to mess, drill, parades and other activities that are basic in our life here in PMA. In some way, I kind of do not idolize him because of how he is. But this time, as he goes about telling us stories he revealed an individuality that was not quite expected for someone who was "siga." Our topic diverted to the women in our lives as cadets. Honestly there really is a lot of women out there wanting to be with us... we are actually in demand to a certain type of women. This was something that we barely talk about because I almost always do not want to talk about this matter with my room mates (the two who had lots and lots of girlfriends... kindly refer to Annoying conversations... chauvinist PIGS!!!) And then he narrates something that is just marvelous. The converation went like this... kindly bear with the cadet lingo

Upperclass: Ano ba ang mas masama yung nagbayad ka para makabuga (sex) o nangligaw ka para makabuga?
Me: syempre sir mas masama yung nangligaw ka kasi binola mo yun kung ano ano sinabi mo tapos chuk chak(sex) lang pala habol mo, at least yung pokpok alam nya na na yun lang talaga ang habol mo
Room mate 1: snappy kasi sir yung sinusuyo mo pa ba tapos bibigay din
Upperclass: alam mo ba na pag nakipag sex ka you are giving something of yourself
Room mate 2: meron naman kaming binibigay sir ah
Me: nanggagago ka naman alam ko na ibig mong sabihin t*m*d yan
Room mate 1: (laughs)
Upperclass: ungas hindi yun ang ibig kong sabihin... kayo kasi kung ano ano iniisip nyo pag nakipag sex ka hindi lang katawan ang binbigay mo you give the girl your mind and soul at sya rin. You do something that is irrevocable at pag ginago mo its irrevocably damaging
Me: oo nga alam nyo ba na kahit yung pokpok pag nakipagsex ka sa kanya meron kang sinisira
Upperclass: sa akin lang naman to ha... pananaw ko ba... pag nakikipagsex kasi hindi pwedeng dahil lang gusto nating isatisfy yung urges natin kasi pag ganun ang ginawa natin parang iniinsulto natin yung pagkatao natin... parang umaamin tayo na ka level lang natin yung mga hayop na bumubuga lang kung kaila nila gusto... kaya nga sila hayop kasi ganun sila at dahil tao tayo magpakatao tayo.

For the first time I saw my two room mates unable to say something about that remark from my upperclass.

The point is people do have their own individuality and we can not judge them by the way we see them, we really just have to dig deeper into a person to know their value as moral people. I guess blogging can teach me a lot of things as I go on, yes blogging is interesting because people are interesting... because life is interesting

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Anonymous said...

alex, ito na yung mga tipo ng anecdotes na more than 'pambawi'...you're right, mas madali lang kasi sa tao ang magfocus sa negative...
so far, sa paatras kong pagbabasa, isa ito sa mga favorites ko... :)
-tita liza