Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sex... sex.... sex... Sex???

I jus felt that should be the title for this entry and forgive me I am going to be vulgar, just this one time, I don't seem to know how to write this entry without really using the "proper" words. So, I registered this blog in the website PinoyTopBlogs of course with the hope of increasing traffic, that was February 2. Then just around 3 days ago I made the final adjustments to my code for my blog to be monitored the voila this blog gets more traffic, as of this writing its at no 429 with 60 hits in 3 days, imagine how dramatic the increase in traffic was. But of course, the greedy person that I am, I wanted more so I checked the sites that made it to the top of the list and lo and behold I found one thing.... sex... not pornography if that is what you are asking but topics about sex. But I have to say that many are really good blogs like the one currently in number three that has current events. But then I just hate it when the "sex" blogs are there in the top. I do not know but it kind of gives me the creepy idea how sex has penetrated the mainstream of what we call as "fun." Of course, it's fun but I think there is more to that, I would like to believe that people have dwelt so much on the topic of sex that it has lost its greater essence.... hmmph... another philosophical chuva?? Try this... the other day I woke up when my room mate arrived from entertaining her girlfriend (its the girlfriend that she met once just read the post entitled Annoying conversations... chauvinist PIGS!!!). You know what he did (cover your mouth people) he puts his finger near my nose to have me smell it..... you know what I mean. The point is the young girl that was so stupid to be tricked by my room mate is now raising up to another level, they are now having sex, imagine that. And then there is this another girl the other one in that same entry, she's here today and you know what.... I do not want to ask anymore, the last story I heard was that they went into a smooching episode at the gazebo... really stupid ladies, I must say. The irony of all these is that here I am blogging about this things and it seems that I am the only one concerned...... well, I do not know anymore perhaps that is how this generation is... its always about sex... I hope not for long...

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