Sunday, August 13, 2006

Search and discover

I do not know if many people have the same habit as I have but sometimes there are things that I do that maybe weird to some. But this habit although I find it weird can lead to some discoveries that are quite amazing. This is my habit that I will call search and discover.
When I'm bored surfing the internet, I go to popular search pages and just search random thoughts that I have. Oftentimes, I search names of people discover interesting things about people. Personally, I think friendster was a hit because we get to find people that we have lost touch and it's just fun when we find out the things that happened to them. From this thought, I tried searching people in google or yahoo and these are some discoveries I made.
  1. That my mom was actually the first woman to join the Corps of Professor as a Probationary 2nd Lieutenant in the late 70's. She met my father as a teacher in PMA and the rest is History. I got this when I searched my mother's name.
  2. That I have a relative who founded a Martial Arts School in the United States. I later learned from my father that these relatives of ours migrated to long time ago from Aklan. Using my last name as a keyword, most of the results are related to this Martial Arts School.
  3. That my gay friend from Silliman University is now an executive Assistant to the Mayor of Tacloban City, I do not know if he still is now but according to the newspage I found, he still wears his trademark scarf and still is gay. I haven't seen him since 1999
  4. That my father was recently in a news bulletin from Reuters (social!!!), I do not know what is it about but it's there.

There are still a lot actually and I do not remember all of them, the point is the internet has so much content that it saturates even the minutest detail of our existence. Well, you can just try your own search and see what you'll discover. Have fun people...

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