Thursday, September 28, 2006

KC Concepcion, sending letters and leaps of faith

With nothing to do I retreat to the blog and just type away.

After writing my blog entry last night I remembered something that I thought of blogging but forgot it as I was so engrossed last night with my discovery of meebo. About a few days ago, I read about this write up of Ricky Lo about KC Concepcion having a reunion with her estranged father former teen star Gabby Concepcion. I read the whole thing according to the point of view of Sharon Cuneta's first born. You may find it weird but I do read the Entertainment Section of any newspaper I can get my hands on. I just find the life of those in the entertainment industry as interesting, even if some of the things that are published are cheap gossip or normal things that happen to all of us (the only difference is that theirs get to be exagerrated and placed where everyone can know about). Anyway going back to KC Concepcion, that article was something that sounds familiar to me. It was a revelation of how forgiveness can really set us free. About a couple of months ago, I read another article where KC said something that somehow implied the state of her relationship with her father. Reading that I kind of felt that I should talk to her about forgiving fathers. So reading the article I was talking about was somehow something that made me feel so good realizing that things that I have learned forgiving my father is not just true to me but to other people as well. For those who is not so familiar with what I am talking about just go here to know what I am saying.
I finally sent my letter for this week. Last Friday I started writing it, after 5 pages I decided I did not want to send it anymore so I stopped. Then Sunday I started a second letter. I wrote another three pages and then decided to stop, I did not want to send it again. The next days from Monday up to Wednesday was something that found me seated on my study table with a pen and a blank piece of paper in front of me. It wasn't that I did not know what to write her, it was because I wasn't sure if it was the time to tell her what was on my mind. Last night as I was trying to write again already worried because it was the middle of the week and I haven't wrote anything for her that I wanted to send, I tried to write again, this time though I was in some sort of trance where all I was thinking were the good things I remember of her, even the realizations that I had with myself writing her, being happy about her and all that. I went to bed without finishin the letter I was writing but I had the happiest moment alone as I think about her shortly before midnight. This afternoon, I wrote my letter again. After a few words, I decided to send the original letter I intended to send. I realized that the reason why I did not want to send it was because I was afraid. I was afraid of her possible reaction. Thinking deeper I was afraid to accept that I was really falling... for her. So I mastered enough courage, finished the letter, placed it inside the envelope change to another uniform and then sent it. Right now although I do not really feel good with how she might react, I'm glad I sent it. I am glad because it was a leap of faith of being honest despite of my hesitations and the uncertainty that lies ahead. I am glad because it wasn't something that was within reason it was simply following my heart.
In two day's time my brother will be celebrating his birthday so I am thinking of writing something about him in this blog for that ocassion. Sorry I am just a poor person with nothing to give as gift the least that I can do is to tell the whole world, or at least those reading this blog how much I appreciate the people that I love.
I guess that is all I can say for now... till then

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