Monday, October 23, 2006

The bad things and some treat

The string of thought that occupied me last night ended when I stopped writing about it when the Sergeant insisted that I leave the Computer Laboratory because he was closing up. I have no choice now but to start anew with another string of thought and be sensible.

Coming from a meeting about this year's 100 night show, I was relieved that my script was not approved. It was not just because I wanted to have all the time to improve it, I just wasn't really convinced that I wanted to involve myself with this year's show. And so I came back to barracks feeling a sense of relief and having some thoughts that I'd rather keep to myself now because of some issues that I have to settle.

When I came back to barracks this afternoon after eating lunch, it was posted in our bulleting board that break will begin on 25 October, that would be Wednesday and I am not joining it. I guess the feeling is not really as good as I thought it would be. At least I had the time to really start accepting the truth, I pity those who only knew today that they were not going on break. Of course, I hate that I will not be able to do what I thought I could do. I hate that I will ahve to stay here and wonder how much fun I was missing outside. I am now looking forward to the Lovers in Paris DVD that a friend promised me, maybe I can start being sentimental. This will be the first time that I will not go on break since I became a cadet and maybe I can learn a lesson or two. As my father would put it: "pangit naman kung gragraduate ka na lang na hindi naexperience ang maging touring at confined." I do not know if he was comforting me when he said that but then life is just like that, we just have to experience the bad things to better appreciate the good things.
Now speaking of good things, I received a birthday greeting from a very important person last night. Although it was not something that I expected (I was thinking of cards and stuff like that), I was happy receiving it. Not only that I wanted to hear from her for the longest time, I just missed her. I realized that when I started reading her short note. I know she was trying to keep it simple but still it felt so good that I spent the whole time before I slept thinking about her. One will never really understand why little things can feel so good if it came from a special person, I guess it is just about me and about all the things that I am feeling for her. With all the many things that worry me these days, that was indeed a treat.
Well, tomorrow will be our footmarch. It will be tiring but I am hoping I'll be able to enjoy it. In the next coming days, I am thinking that this blog will be my companion while the rest of the Corps will go on break... of course this and Lovers in Paris. Life for me is encountering some rocky road, I am just hoping that it wouldn't be like that for long.
Good day people...

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