Monday, October 09, 2006

BS and random blogs

Is there a limit to one's BS as in Bilib sa sarili? I just came from this forum that was supposed to inspire me to become a good soldier once I graduate. Indeed, I was given a glimpse of the pressures that I will be faced with but I hated it when it became a question of pointing out to the audience that he is just so good, the speaker's BS makes me want to vomit. Although it is true that his achievements are commendable and impressive especially while still being a junior officer, but all of it is lost when he monopolizes the discussion with his greatness.
About a week ago, I was tasked to write for a magazine regarding the exploits of this officer. I have heard a lot of his accomplishments as he was my instructor last summer but I was only to learn the hard facts after a summary was given to me so that I can do the write-up. It was completely awesome. The thing is, I realized that sometimes it is not just whether or not you have something to be proud of, the kind of person you are also matters. It is true that some people have good credentials but it is not just those credentials that will speak for the person but also the king of person he or she exudes to the others that he or she will be dealing with. Just imagine this, we were shown a documentary made by a photo journalist. It highlighted the realities of war in Mindanao. It wasn't really about him but his exploits composed a big part of that documentary. When he showed it to us, most of the video was played at 1.5 speed for us not to understand what was happening. When it finally came to the point where he was the subject, he just pressed the button and it was played at normal speed. I hated the fact that he denied me the opportunity to appreciate the whole documentary as a whole simply because it was more imprtant to highlight how good he is. I hated that I do not understand the connection between his exploits and the war in mindanao. In the end, I hated that it was more of a showcase of how good he is rather than inspire me to emulate him.
Last night I started to rant about my frustration of not being able to go to L--a because I will not be going on break. In the past days, it is this thought that haunts me. Due to the recent things that are happening, I am beginning to imagine more and think of more innovative ways to reach out. The tangengot comment does not matter for that person basically has no idea what is happening and he is entitled to his opinion. As the days go by, I am beginning to think that I could do so much if only I was going on break. But then I have to just contain myself and save all my imaginations at the right time. This may not be something that I am happy about, but I know that in due time I will understand the wisdom why things have to be this way. I am still in my trance being so happy about everything despite of the break that I will not be able to avail.
My ears still ring but it getting better, maybe tomorrow it will be restored to its full hearing capability... I remember one quote that I would like to share... It is not about what you did, it is about how much love you placed in what you did...
Till then people...

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