Friday, October 27, 2006

Nothing to write about

I was staring at this blank page for the last few hours and still I do not have any idea what to write about. I just started typing hoping that later on something will come out.
Earlier this morning I wrote my letter. For those who do not know I write a letter to someone every week. I started it feeling very sad because the whole barracks was so silent, I was alone. I went here (at the Computer Laboratory) so that I will not be able to see the others who will also be taking their break. Tonight, there will be fewer cadets and the loneliness will further embrace me. I do not have a cellphone and my contact to the outside world is limited to this screen. That is how my life is now and that is how it will be in a couple of days, I now understand why they call this punishment.
Well, my mind is still so much into all the feelings I have inside me. I do not have a clear idea what to write about, I feel that I just need someone to talk to and release everything that I am feeling at this time. I'm sorry people, I can not offer you anything at this time... you can just delight yourself with the picture I recently uploaded during my Gawad Kalinga trip... as if the picture is delightful. Nevertheless it's here
I do not know what to write anymore... again I'm sorry

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