Saturday, November 04, 2006

Life's twists and turns

I have always tried to recount something that happened more than a year ago about meeting my high school teachers for the first time wearing the cadet uniform. I am still amazed by the change in me since high school graduation and looking at how my other classmates have turned out, I can just conclude how the twists and turns of our life can actually be welcome suprises that we never thought was possible back when we were young and mature.
Moments ago, I was viewing the friendster account of one of the most beautiful faces in my high school batch at Dumaguete. Last thing I heard about her was that she just passed the PT Board Exam, has given birth to a handsome young boy and I believe is doing well with whatever she is doing with her life now. Except for the times when I am able to get a glimpse of her in the few instances that I have been to Dumaguete recently, I haven't really "seen" her. And then of course my buddy in cutting classes in third year who owns this blog who a few months ago married another high school batchmate. I could remember her huge crush to someone who was an upper batch in school then. The twist there is that she eventually married someone that I never thought had this liking for her. And then there is Dioria whom I could never forget because for once in her life (courtesy of a parlor misunderstanding) looked like a lion (the description is from her actually) when she wore a shaggy hairstyle. There is also Adele, who used me to get rid of a suitor only to realize that in the near future the same suitor would be her boyfriend in college ( I was already out of Dumaguete then). Dioria is now in Libya while Adele is still in Dumaguete working. Then there are those who are now taking nursing after graduating from another course. There is Gheovy, Cincel, Chiara, RC, Euky and so many others. All of them first took business courses apparently they felt there was a more promising career in the field of nursing, thus the shift. Then the Flight attendants, whose pictures in their friendster account are from all over the world. So many others, have gotten married, had children, became businessmen, managers and there are still even some who is still stuck in school... like me. I could just imagine how it would be when all of us are gathered in one place and be allowed to mingle once again.
Well, as for me, I'm here. I am not actually the original "PMAer" in the batch. When we graduated in March 21 1998 (yes it was a very long time already) our third honorable mention became a cadet as part of Class 2003 to my envy. I was 15 when I graduated so I was still underage to take the PMA exam. I guess it wasn't his field because a few months after, he was back in Dumaguete, apparently he resigned. I then studied Political Science (with law as a foresight) took the PMA exam when I was already qualified, passed it joined class of 2004 and was discharged after a few months. Eventually I came back as part of Class 2008 and here I am now writing about it.
As I try to just imagine the things that have happened in the past 8 years since I graduated high school much have really changed. Most of us have moved on to more serious things. It was as if we've never gone through being immature. It was like we never vandalized our school, never cut classes, never tried to put trash in other people's bag, never cheated on exams, never conducted illegal class outings, never cursed our teachers and so many other things that we did. We felt then that it was cool and I wonder now what credibility we have when we tell the younger ones to be good in school.
Life's twists and turns brings us surprises that only each of us can understand. Perhaps my classmates wonder how I survived PMA with my loud mouth. I also wonder why suddenly people who called me Brownie back in the days seem to look up to me for "serving the country." It is a wonder that is hard to understand yet is pleasing as each one is somewhat relieved that we came out at least with some hope of being good people (and that is saying it without any reservation). Of course, 8 years can now be a short time compared to lets say 15 or so years when our concerns will be more of sending our children to school and providing for our families. I guess that time will come and everyone hopes that the surprises will still be something that each of us will be happy to tell to the whole world. Life is indeed an adventure. It is an adventure that covers a lifetime as we move on day by day learning, and going through each twist and turn.

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