Sunday, January 28, 2007


I did not intend to write a post just now, but the comment in one of my previous posts kind of trigerred some reaction that I had to straighten out some things. I do not wish to be miunderstood in this one.
Although it would seem that I felt bad about being banned from writing in the mag, that is not what I am really sad about. I have long accepted that I will not be able to always say what I think(or write it for that matter). If one may have observed how I have been in the many posts in this blog, I have always been critical about the kind of leadership exercised by the people around me. I am inside the biggest leadership laboratory in the country and its sad that even in this place there are instances that something is not right. In my limited knowledge about the real world and my inexperienced ego, I do know that my perception is not that good but I am very much aware if things are not going the way it should.
These are the questions at hand:
  1. What is the leader's responsibility to his subordinates? Does he ignore them as long as he has the best of intentions?
  2. Is it too hard to understand that sometimes we do not have the monopoly of ideas that sometimes it helps to seek other people's opinion?
  3. Does longevity equate to maturity?
  4. Who says something is wrong when your boss is going wild especially in the military organization?

In all these questions (there are many others that I can think of) I realized that in the end it will not be about the leader but about how we wish to define ourselves. I do not have all the answers but I do know that when all else fails I will have to stick to my convictions, remember my values and put my faith in God.

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