Monday, December 03, 2007

Refreshing news

I was glad that when I found yesterday's paper the front page was missing. I just hated how all of the news (especially those in the front page) had something to do with that stunt at the Manila Pen last thursday. With the front page nowhere to be found, I had the chance to read other news that was refreshing despite of the latest blow in the stability of our political climate.

First off was the E-jeepney or the electronic jeepney currently gaining ground in major cities around the country. The night before, I spent until almost midnight watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth sleeping afterwards fully convinced that something had to be done. So the electronic jeepney is not only a welcome news but moreso something that provided hope. In the article from the Philippine Star that I read, a lot of other benefits can be derived from the use of this vehicle with zero pollution as it is electrically powered. Other advantages include its impact on our transport system and of course our economy as the producers of this vehicles are proudly pinoy. I was even more excited when I learned that local governments are actually reacting to this new development in a very positive manner with Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay promising to propagate the use of this vehicles in his City. Other Local Government heads are following suit and I am hoping that in due time this development begins other things that will help our country.

As I read further, I can not help but laugh at the irony of one news item I found in the papers. It was about the capture of one prominent leader of Communist Party. Her daughter said that her mother is not part of the rebel group as she only went to Manila to have her badly needed check-up. The joke is that when the "alleged" rebel was presented to the press at Fort Bonifacio her first statement was, "Isulong ang rebolusyon at ang pambasang demokrasya (Forward the revolution and national democracy)!" he he
Well, I think despite of the bad things that happened in the past days, a lot of things in our country are reasons to be hopeful that something good is in store for us. I think more than the negative issues we can find in our dailies, we should also read all others in the paper that indicate a good future for us.

I love you people...

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