Sunday, September 04, 2022

4 Years since the last post

 It has been 4 years.

After being banned from using Facebook where I have since posted my thoughts in lieu of this blog, I have had a lot of moments thinking about things but have not written about them. I now find myself going back to this blog which, while I may have neglected it, has remained steadfast in being an outlet for what is going through my mind. Here's to me promising again to work on this blog.

I have just watched the movie We are Marshalls. I ran through a list of Sports Movies that are based on true stories and decided to watch the movie again as I have not remembered the movie from when I previously watched it. Well, I will not be writing about the movie but will write about how I found myself tearing up watching the movie.

I have always been a sucker for good stories, and it is probably in the pursuit of these stories that I find myself being passionate about the things that I do. I teared up because I felt how the realness of the grief that they conveyed over the death of their Football Team and how they succeeded in recovering from that grief.

Probably the frustrations that bother me right now is the fact that I may not be good enough for the tasks that are given to me. I started writing this blog from the time when I was a mere cadet who wanted to have a bright future. A lot has changed and I think I have done so many wonderful things since then. I can only surmise that the things that I enjoyed which in turn I cultivated have significantly contributed to the things that I do now in the Army. Who would have thought that right now, my primary function is to tell the stories that the Army needs to tell to the public?

But going back to the movie, I was able to relate to how every character was able to contribute to the outcome despite them being in grief also. Right now, I have come to understand that the frustrations I am experiencing are part of the whole dynamic of the good things in store in the future. I would say that I am in a good place right now in terms of my family, my career, and my life in general. Being in that place, however, does not make me exempted from life frustrations. The frustrations are there and the reason why I relate so much to the movie I just watched is that deep inside, I know that in the end, as long as I continue to persevere, I will win.

Today is September 4, 2022. I will go back to this post in the future and will remember the feelings that I have right now. When that time comes, I will laugh at myself because by that time, I have won.

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