Thursday, March 22, 2007

As I don my third stripe

I now wear my third stripe on my shoulder. The reality has not yet fully sinked in but I am beginning to feel the weight of what that third stripe meant. A few years back, I did not contemplate on coming to this point but then again time flies and reality creeps in and we just have to accept and cherish the inevitable.
In 2005, when I had my first stripe, it was more of a feeling of being able to do what I want to do. I took it as a reprieve from the torments of the upperclassmen having another class more junior to me. It was also a time where I slowly contended with responsibility looking forward to the time when I will have my fourthclass buddy to teach what I have learned. I encountered a lot of things foremost of which was my battle against my deficiency in Calculus.

When I had my second stripe, it was more of a feeling of being surprised at the fact that I had another stripe. I was not able to think much since everything came so fast, the Leadership Development Course, the Plebe Detail, the Field Training Exercises. All of these activities required that I practice a huge amount of maturity in leading those below me. It was that stage where people are already guage the kind of leader I will become. As the year rolled on, I struggled with deficiency in Statistics and of course a very difficult battle with demerits, touring, confinement and of course, hazing. Even as I type this entry, I am still feeling the grunf of all those things as I am not able to go on break because of my touring and confinement. But then again I am still victorious because on my shoulders now are three stripes the last that I will have before the much coveted vix (that's the insignia of a lieutenant).

And so I wrap up this entry with being thankful for all the things I have experienced in the past years. This blog has been a witness to my journey as a cadet of the Philippine Military Academy. Well, there is still one year ahead and I hope this adventure will continue to lift me up and make me a better person.

I am looking forward to the coming year....

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