Sunday, October 18, 2009

In memory of Domeng

Last year, around this time, my classmate was killed in an ambush in Barangay Manurigao, New Bataan, Compostela Valley. He was our first casualty. I wrote my thoughts in this blog entry. Please join me in celebrating the heroism of my beloved classmate and comrade in arms...

Doms, saan ka man ngayon... dun ka na lang... hehehe... But kidding aside, as Strong Hearts would put it:

"And when the taps shall sung for men,
Banners drape our last remain
Let Singing Comrades bury me to the echo of the strain
For hearts are strong in thee my dear, forever it will be
Young blood shall come to carry on
When the old strong hearts are gone"


just.aian said...

=) young.
But his life wasn't wasted because it was given for this country...I just pray people would learn to appreciate the sacrifices that soldiers make for this country.

Anonymous said...

i remember him vividly the silent cadet in class. we were
all surprised and pained to hear about his passing away.

minsan nakakalimutan namin na mga sundalo ang aming tinuturuan. tulad ng sinabi mo, and i quote:

"the truth remains that the moment we became soldiers we have become aware that death may occur anytime. More than that, I realized that the life that we live each day is already a blessing in itself while I try my best to do my job"

Lazy Cat said...

I like the way you write... I am a fan..

Lazy Cat said...

I like the way you write... I am a fan..