Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Top 10 best picks

I realized that I have been writing in this blog for the past 5 years of my life. I have written so many things on so many topics. I decided to highlight some of the articles that I think are best picks for me. Somehow, I believe by doing this my critiques will understand how this blog exists and be enlightened. Here are the top ten:
  1. In my old blog I particularly like almost all entries (but I have to have favorites), it is not bookmarked so you will have to do the searching. I like the entry on my squad leader who became the class goat of 2003, its on the bottom part. Then those that I wrote in memory of my mother, and finally my confession on what really happened when I got discharged. And then there was this prediction I made that saying that I will go back to PMA.
  2. May 2005 is a good one because it chronicled my struggle with Calculus. How I hate the fact that I am having a hard time coping up with the subject. And then declaring that I passed it
  3. I like this one because there is so much energy and I know I was speaking from the heart.
  4. This one is about my fondness for letters. I'm sharing my love for letter writing.
  5. This blog entry brought in opinions but not as rude as the one coming out right now.
  6. There is irony in this entry about the Naga trip last February but I like it just the same. There is something more in this story you can just look for it starting from the January entries of this year.
  7. This is my testimony as a Christian
  8. The very much loved Prosti Story this one was the original version of the one published in the Corps Magazine last June
  9. Aptly titled My Frustrations, but as I always said it does not mean that I hate it here, can you blame me for being frustrated at times?
  10. And finally the July and August entries that brought in several critiques.

Well, somehow the entries I highlighted are different in a variety of ways. All in all the blog is a journal of the last 5 years of my life, it wasn't easy but it was a very worthwhile learning experience. I think the blog allows me to reflect on the things that have happened and be thankful that I am still on my feet with head raised high. I am able to appreciate everything and continue to be hopeful of the things that are still to come in our lives.

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